Love in the Time of Covid

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Being a “last line” worker in the midst of a global pandemic is not easy. People are stressed. With each new wave of the virus comes a new wave of impact on jobs, relationships, and mental health. In the psychotherapy world, we have adapted, moved on line. Virtual sessions are a good compromise, but they are certainly more tiring. What keeps me going, in spite of the fatigue, and the daily exposure to fear and uncertainty, is quite simply, that I get to be a witness, more than ever before, to the incredible human capacity for love and courage.

Love is the couple addressing the impact of living in close quarters 24/7 on their relationship.

Love is the exhausted new parents adjusting to caring for an infant in the absence of helping hands.

Love is the person living alone, struggling to stay both safe and connected.

Love is the front-line worker worried about about being fully present to their own family.

Love is feeling weary of forgoing personal freedom and convenience to keep others safe.

Love is the helping professional addressing symptoms of burn-out so they can keep helping.

Love is the family worried sick about their elders living and dying in long-term care.

Love is the laid-off worker figuring out a new path.

Love is the business owner having to make tough decisions.

Love is the disenfranchised grief of the family who were not able to say goodbye.

Love is the young person negotiating schooling and social relationships in a virtual world

Love is people committing to a social bubble of mutual care and concern.

An observation from the “back-lines” in this time of Covid : addressing the impact on our own well-being and the health of our families and relationships is truly an act of love. More to follow in subsequent posts.

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